The project “Secret Bread” deals with sex education in the national – religious sector in Israel, with an emphasis on women. Education for sexuality in the religious world hardly exists. From an early age, there is almost no discussion about the woman’s body, femininity and period.

Then, at a more mature age, when other societies begin to talk about sex and the changes that take place in the woman’s body, the discourse in religious society revolves around halachot, and “forbidden” and “permitted”. In the books of Halachah and the Scriptures it is clear how hidden the subject is-

The word “sex” do not appear explicitly, and receive innumerable nicknames and expressions. Using a questionnaire that was distributed among women who grew up in religious education, Data and citations were collected showing the feelings and impact of this education on them as adult women.

The project presents a video composed of images in the daily life of the religious woman, made of sharp transitions, Contradictions and unclear angles, along with quotations from the questionnaire. The editing of the video is intended to convey the feelings of confusion, fear and guilt experienced by those women.

In the posters  and in the book, the quotes and data from the questionnaire are bound, together with typographic elements that are composed of expressions and texts from halacha and instruction books that underwent adaptations that represent the cover and concealment. The strong sentences written by those women prove how powerful and significant the issue is and how insufficient it is to say that it is even influential in a whole sector.


– Yiddishkeit  by AAA
– Kalisher by Webmaster

Music: Playground by Mome

The project was made during visual communication studies.

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